There is no central exchange in the foreign exchange market, so there is no unified opening and closing time. Taking Beijing time as the standard, every morning, starting from Wellington, New Zealand, until the closing of the US West Coast market in the early morning, the major markets in Australia, Asia, and North America are connected end to end. Traders can look for them at any time of the business day. Trade in the appropriate foreign exchange market.

How to grasp the right time to enter the market

The conditions for entering and exiting foreign exchange are not equal. The reason for entering the game must be sufficient, prudent, and sure to win. However, the reason for entering the game is different. The reason can be simple and obscure, and only meet some necessary conditions. If you try to find a sufficient reason to exit the market, then the transaction will inevitably be in trouble. This requires investors to foresee the coming of risks and react in advance. At the same time, they require the spirit of abandonment and the continuation of the market after exit.

For foreign exchange speculation, you must first choose a formal foreign exchange broker, which will make you more worry-free when trading. First of all, you don’t need to worry about the problem of platform running out. It is recommended to choose the establishment of more than ten years and have supervision Strictly supervise the platform of national qualification licenses.

Generally speaking, the best time to enter the market: 9:00-11:00: One hour after the Japanese market opens, the market becomes clearer and more suitable for trading. 13:00-15:00: After the end of the first day’s market, after the overnight trend, the market has pulled back in place and entered the market following the trend of the previous trading day. The effect is very good.

  1. The next best entry time: 15:00-17:00: Similar to 13:00-15:00, but a bit later, the price may not be as good as the previous one, and entry is still possible. 20:00-21:00: After the first wave of US data comes out, you can choose an opportunity to enter the market, and the effect is acceptable. 23:00-24:00: After the second wave of US data comes out, you can choose an opportunity to enter the venue, and the effect is acceptable. 1:00-2:00: You can trade.

Not suitable for admission

19:00-20:00 is before the first wave of data in the United States. At this time, trading is tantamount to placing big bets and gambling. If you enter the market at this time, it is better to wait for the time to invest in the next best time.

22:00-23:00 At this time, no matter which market is in the blank stage, the data is called emptiness, do not place orders.

The ability to choose the right entry time for foreign exchange speculation shows that investors have excellent analytical and judgment capabilities. The correct choice of exit time also requires investors to have good psychological quality. Only by knowing how to enter and retreat can be regarded as a good investor. Always beware of risks and avoid greed.