The foreign exchange trading platform FXDD (FXDirectDealer) is a subsidiary of TraditionGroup, a prestigious financial brokerage company in the United States.

FXDDCompany’s subsidiary companies rely on the parent company’s strong operating capital and top technical support, FXDD’s foreign exchange trading system is well-known in the professional world. At present, the company’s price refresh and order execution speed have reached the international company’s price refresh and order execution speed has reached the international cutting-edge standards. The cutting-edge standard TraditionGroup has 40 years of operating history, and its main customer base includes approximately 7,000 banks and large financial institutions worldwide. It was listed on the Swiss stock exchange in 1973 and traded on the Frankfort stock exchange in Germany in 1999.

TraditionGroup ranks third among many financial brokerage companies in the world and first in Europe. 16 branches all over the world. The company operates many products, including: bonds, third-ranked stocks in Europe, fixed interest products, foreign exchange, futures, options, futures and numerous financial derivative products. It also trades futures products such as metals and energy. Foreign exchange and gold are the main businesses.

FXDD’s foreign exchange trading software serves institutional investors, professional managers and individual investors. According to the needs of different customers, FXDD continues to innovate. Currently, it has launched MetaTrader4 trading software, MTXtreme, FXDD Trader, institutional trading platforms and other online foreign exchange transactions. software.

As a foreign exchange brokerage company headquartered in New York, FXDD has a global business scope. Its main customer groups are distributed in North America, Northeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Over the years, the customer service has not only won widespread praise from global customers, but also gave FXDD a further step. Confidence and motivation to improve service quality.

How about the FXDD foreign exchange trading platform? Is it formal?

According to the results of the foreign exchange query: FXDD score 7.87, the platform has the full license (MM) of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), and the supervision number: C48817 supervision;

Cyprus (CYSEC) full license (MM), supervision number: 079/07
FXDD score 7.87

Although FXDD strives to always provide a fixed spread, but in rare cases, if a major market event or global event occurs, FXDD may be forced to expand the spread without notifying customers in advance.

How to apply for foreign exchange rebate on FXDD platform?

After selecting the platform, the customer enters the foreign exchange rebate platform station and clicks the account opening link in the account opening page of the platform to open an account to open an account.

Before opening an account, customers should be optimistic about the spread and commission payment methods in advance. If you have any difficulties, please consult customer service.

After you click Open an account, you can send the account opening information to the commission rebate platform, and after the platform is confirmed, you can deposit the commission and rebate.