Paul Tudor Jones, founder of American hedge fund Tudor Investment, said in an interview with CNBC on Monday (May 11) that confidence in Bitcoin is increasing.

Jones said: “As the new crown epidemic occurs, and huge stimulus policies will lead to inflation, this has led me to start thinking about how to adjust my investment portfolio and turn my attention to bitcoin. If you compare bitcoin and cash, the ability to maintain value Factors such as purchasing power and liquidity need to be considered. In terms of credibility, Bitcoin was only 11 years old, so there is little credibility. We are witnessing the birth of a new currency, whether it can be successful, only time I can prove it. What I know is that over time, bitcoin still exists, and its credibility will also increase. Relatively, if you now have cash, what the central bank is doing now is to let it It depreciates by 2% every year, so holding cash is a waste of assets. I think Bitcoin is a good speculation, and 1-2% of my assets are invested in this. This is a reasonable ratio at the moment. It is not a cure for everything Investment, but good speculation. “

He also said: “I also have assets to invest in gold, and I think that the price of gold will go up. On the other hand, the digitalization of the world is clearly in favor of bitcoin. There are now 55-70 million people owning bitcoin. You think this number will rise to 120 million or 200 million. I only invested a small part in Bitcoin, but this small part may perform better than other parts, it is possible. I am very conservative, so Only invested 1% of assets. “

Bitcoin “halved” on Monday. The so-called halving means that the mining revenue of each block of Bitcoin will be halved after every 210,000 blocks are generated, to ensure the limit of its number, which means that bitcoin miners should get the same number of bits Coins require double effort. This halving was triggered after the 630,000th block was created, the third time in Bitcoin’s 11-year history.

The “halving” usually occurs every four years, almost every time accompanied by a surge in prices and volatility. After bitcoin rebounded to more than $ 10,000 late last week, it fell sharply over the weekend, casting a shadow over its latest rally attempt.

According to Coinbase data, the price of each bitcoin so far is $ 8,769.18.