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FUD is an expression that represents fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

This is the spread of cryptocurrency misinformation from uninformed sources.

Many of these sources have nefarious reasons for doing this. It may be to promote alternative coins, or they may have shorted (bet on a fall in price) the cryptocurrencies mentioned.

Legitimate criticism of a cryptocurrency is fair game and should be encouraged to incentivize technological improvements.


FUD, on the other hand, is mostly defamatory and baseless allegations about cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) as a technology, the people behind it, or those invested in it.

How to avoid FUD?

Find cryptocurrency news from reliable sources that don’t have a vested interest in one way or another. Additionally, it is important to use multiple sources to gain a comprehensive perspective.

The term is also used to describe the set of negative emotions that spread around traders and investors when bad news breaks out or the market shows a strong bearish downtrend.

The expression “fear, uncertainty and doubt” dates back to the 1920s, but the acronym “FUD” came into use around 1975.

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