Forex trading is not a speculative game of getting rich fast

1.90% of traders lose money, mainly because they lack a trading plan, lack training, no discipline in trading, and poor money management methods.

If you hate failure, or a super-perfectionist, the process of adapting to trading may be more painful for you, because all traders may fail at some time.

  1. Foreign exchange traders are not unemployed or low-income earners, deeply stuck in credit card debts or unable to pay their electricity bills and people who have just kept their food and clothing.

The foreign exchange market is one of the most popular markets for speculators because of its huge size, good liquidity, and strong currency fluctuation characteristics. You may think that traders all over the world can make a fortune in the foreign exchange market, but the fact is that success is always limited to a small number of traders.

The problem is that the initial motivation of some traders to invest in the foreign exchange market is a problem. They are participating in the foreign exchange market with a lucrative mentality, but the fact is that they lack the discipline and art of trading.

The vast majority of people usually lack the habit of dieting and going to the gym three times a week. If you ca n’t even do this, how can you count on the most difficult, most adventurous and rewarding games China can win.

Short-term trading is not suitable for amateur investors, and short-term trading is not a shortcut to get rich quickly. If you can’t bear the huge risk pressure, you can hardly get huge returns.

Trading strategies that bear huge risks mean that investors will likely face huge losses. Such investors may not even have a trading strategy-unless you call gambling a trading strategy.

Forex trading is not a game of getting rich fast.
Forex trading is a technical activity, it takes time to learn.

Experienced traders can indeed make money in foreign exchange transactions. However, like other professions, success does not come overnight. Forex trading is not simple, but some people may want you to think so.

The reason is simple. If foreign exchange trading is so simple that you can profit from it, then everyone can become a millionaire.

The fact is that even old rivers and lakes with many years of actual combat experience still face cyclical risk of loss.

You should deeply implant this concept in your mind: there is no shortcut to foreign exchange transactions.

Mastering foreign exchange trading requires a lot of trading and experience. Nothing can replace diligent and exhaustive practice.

Let ’s start practicing with a demo account until you find the right trading method and can execute it with ease. In short, you should find the right deal for you.