Any investment method has its own trading rules, and so does the foreign exchange market. Some people think that the foreign exchange trading rules are too conservative. The trading rules are indeed a little conservative and it is not easy to make big money, but as long as they follow, they can basically keep stable and make money. Let’s take a look at the short-term foreign exchange master orders strategy:

Essential knowledge for foreign exchange short-term trading masters: 6 small rules

  1. Grasp the trend and trade with the trend

Investors who have just entered the market are advised to only make prudent orders, preferably with the trend. When the general trend is rising, only buy long orders; when the general trend is falling, only sell short orders.

  1. Close positions on the same day and enter and exit decisively

The longest holding time is a few hours, and the shortest is only a few minutes. Enter and exit decisively, and don’t hold a losing list for a long time. In addition, do not arbitrarily stay overnight, unless you are doing a mid-to-long-term trend list.

  1. Position control, make money steadily

Aggressive strategy clearance operations, and robust strategies appropriate increase operations.

  1. Strictly stop losses and control risks

Any trading strategy must bring a stop loss, and an aggressive strategy must be protected by a stop loss! Short-term long orders in the downward price or short orders in the upward direction are aggressive operations with higher risks but faster returns. Therefore stop loss must be set.

  1. Respect probability and learn to admit defeat.

In this market, to learn to admit defeat, it is impossible to make a profit every transaction. The key is how to increase the probability of profit. When you make a mistake, you must close your position decisively.

  1. Stable mentality and rational trading

Only a small percentage of people can do rational transactions, but those who can make money are all such people. The trading mentality must be stable and not affected by too many external factors. Don’t be proud when making money, and don’t be upset when you lose money.

Although it seems simple, there are not many people who want to do it. If you are not an investment god, it is recommended that you follow the above 6 small rules more in the investment process.

Foreign exchange short-term trading tips

As a short-term foreign exchange investor, being good at flexibility is the most important thing. When you are confused about how to increase your trading winning rate, you may wish to learn from the foreign exchange ultra-short-term master technique, and discover trading thinking and the secrets of trading.

Trading Tip 1: Follow the trend and close the position with profit

In foreign exchange ultra-short-term trading, looking for trends is the trader’s first task. When the exchange rate rises, except for the highest exchange rate, buying at any time can be profitable. Conversely, when the exchange rate drops, in addition to the lowest exchange rate, selling at any point can also make a profit. If you want to keep trading profits after making a profit, it is better to close your position in time.

Trading Tip 2: Exceed expectations, actively seek sums

When the exchange rate trend begins to reverse, it is necessary to calmly analyze at this moment to confirm whether the market has bottomed out and whether there is a possibility of a rebound. Powerful senior traders may use this opportunity to equalize losses by chasing orders. However, most investors lack the ability to accurately control the trend, and it is best to formulate a position plan in time and actively seek peace.

Trading Tips 3: Exit accurately, stop loss appropriately

Trading is a game related to probability. The Turtle Rule, which uses price breakthroughs as an entry signal, is often used by many traders, but there are not many winners. This is not a trading strategy error or the Turtle Law is not working. One possibility is to buy at the highest point and sell at the lowest point. The other is to be too greedy, design the stop loss point far away, and not leave the market accurately.

Trading Tip 4: Deal with emergencies in advance

Changes in market trends are like sea storms, surging all the time. If you want to be a brave and wise surfer, in addition to sliding along the trend, you must also prevent the interference of sharks and black swan incidents. Therefore, it is very important to set up a coping strategy in advance for each transaction, and then further use the chart to identify it, and rely on indicators to help you leave the market in time.

Trading Tip 5: Observe discipline and trade healthy

No rules no standards. The construction of trading discipline is composed of trading system, trading rules and trading rules. Strictly abiding by it can protect the fund account to achieve long-term stable growth. The lack of one of the three may lead to losses.

Taking the strengths of others to make up for the shortcomings of oneself is an effective way to consolidate one’s foundation. The farther you go on the road of “learning from experience”, the more investment you will gain.

Super short-term foreign exchange masters have been exposed to short-term foreign exchange transactions for a long time, but the hope of becoming a super short-term foreign exchange master is still hanging in the air. It is not that individuals did not work hard, but they went off the track and went astray. The short-term foreign exchange trading time is very short, and there is not much time for thinking. If you strive to perfect all aspects, you will only miss the hard-won trading opportunities. The transaction must be fast and accurate. This is the three-character formula given to investors by foreign exchange experts.

Foreign exchange short-term master order strategy: basic techniques

After learning the most basic techniques of foreign exchange ultra-short-term and cultivating a good attitude, you may be able to profit from foreign exchange ultra-short-term. But this is not enough for sustained and stable profit! The key to a truly stable profit is your order strategy. Every outstanding foreign exchange trader has its own order strategy, and it is strictly implemented. Having your own order-making strategy is much more important than learning various techniques. If you can understand this article and execute it disciplinedly, then you will be able to maintain stable profits in the foreign exchange ultra-short-term clock!

Double investment strategy

Double investment strategy is the most common trading strategy, and it is also the strategy used by the most people. Appropriate double investment can keep you stable and profitable, but most people are blind double investment, which can easily lead to huge losses or even liquidation. Therefore, it is recommended that beginners of foreign exchange ultra-short-term do not do double investment first. In fact, the multiplying strategy can greatly increase your winning rate, because when you see the signal you may only have a 60~70% winning rate, but if you combine the multiplying strategy, your winning rate can be as high as 90% or even higher! When using the double investment strategy, you must combine other strategies to avoid becoming a gambling mentality.

News area strategy

When some related currency pair news is released, some specific currency pairs will have drastic changes in just five minutes. If you are a newbie in foreign exchange ultra-short-term, you should try to avoid these news areas, because here The accuracy of the standard signal at that time will be greatly reduced. But if you are already familiar with the operation of foreign exchange short-term trading, you will find that these news areas are great opportunities for profit in foreign exchange short-term trading. At this time, using the correct strategy to place orders can greatly reduce the risk of volatility while still able to Get quite a generous return!

Set a profit stop

Many skilled foreign exchange ultra-short-term masters can earn thousands of dollars a day, but also lose thousands of dollars a day, and even make no money in a month. In fact, the biggest problem for these friends is not Technology, but they don’t know how much they want to make. They want to make $500 if they make $200, and if they make $500, they want to make $1,000 and they want to make $1,000 after making mistakes. After finally making mistakes, they continue to make money earlier. Lost it back! This is the biggest problem of not setting a profit stop point, so when formulating your own order strategy, you must write your profit stop point very clearly.

Find your own strategy

It only takes two days to learn the foreign exchange ultra-short-term technology, and it only takes one week to master the familiarity! But if you really want to make a long-term profit in the ultra-short-term of foreign exchange, what you need is to find your own ordering strategy. Some people like to wait patiently for standard signals to increase the hit rate. Others like to trade quickly and quickly. Each order has its own strategy. Pros and cons, the strategy that suits others may not suit you, so it is very important to learn from masters and develop your own strategy. When you have your own strategy for placing orders, you can successfully control the risks, instead of blindly placing orders. Even if the risks come, it will not affect your mentality and achieve sustained and stable profits!

The advancement of foreign exchange short-term traders: a gorgeous turn from profitable trading to safe trading

To become a successful trader, one must understand the difference between profitable transactions and safe transactions. About 90% of traders in the market only stay at the level of profitable transactions.

Those who can advance to the level of safe transactions are mostly company managers, because they understand what the final result of fighting on the battlefield is.

The so-called profitable trading refers to any common trading method that you all can use, whether it is program trading, trend trading, or any method of analyzing trading.

This type of transaction model may generate high profits when successful, but it is not a safe transaction method because errors will inevitably occur.

Really safe transactions must rely on system engineering, rather than transaction discipline or analysis.

The market is unpredictable, and the human nature is also unpredictable. The unpredictability of the market will cause the incorrect trading signals and the unpredictable human nature at certain times. Even if the trading signals are correct, it does not mean that the execution is correct.

These are the subtle factors that make a trader or trading team fail; so don’t be happy when you can get a good amount of performance at the level of trading ability.

Because you have to step up to enter the level of safe transactions, because that can ensure that your hard work will not be easily lost.

Don’t forget, in the trading market, losing money is always faster than winning. It may take several years for you to change from ten thousand to ten million, but it may take a few years to lose from ten million to 10,000. It only takes a few months.

More importantly, when the market appears to be opposite to your transaction, you can quickly learn how to deal with this wrong transaction. Profit or loss is a secondary problem for you.

Because of a successful trader, profit is only an accessory to successful trading. You only have to keep practicing and find out the reasons before entering the market. Then you will know how to admit mistakes when they happen.

Many people often do some reviews after making mistakes, or blame the unpredictability of the market.

Before you enter the market, you have not found a good reason first, the effect of such a review and excuse is quite limited, because at the beginning of the transaction, you have not fully thought about why you traded and how you should trade.

For a beginner, it is more important to find out the reason for the transaction before trading, because such a habit will greatly reduce your trading errors and limit your impulse to trade at any price.

In the long run, you can slowly figure out a trading method that suits you. Trading is not just about direction and price.

To be short-term, then the effect of intuition is indispensable. Of course, the sense of play does not mean everything, but if you have a good sense of play in the short-term, you may have everything. We can first assume: the foreign exchange market is rising or falling, and then we step by step to verify. If the market is operating as we expected, then increase it.

If it does not operate as we expected in advance, stop loss! We can’t passively wait for the market to prove that I am right before chasing the open position. At this time, the profit of opening the position is small, and we have no cost to wait for the market to prove that I am wrong before closing the position. Larger.

If I have to wait until the foreign exchange market is running until the disk and various indicators are wrong, I will stop the loss, then: At this time, the loss has been heavy and it is too late. Therefore, and only in this way, can we continuously strengthen our correct thinking and actions.

Forex market operation

Opening a position does not necessarily have to wait until the market proves that we are correct, and closing a position does not necessarily have to wait until the market proves us that we are wrong. The advance amount can be played, and it can be profitable when we make a mistake.

The short-spinning sense is practiced with one hand and one hand, and within 10 seconds of entering the list, there will be an explanation of lifting the sedan. Basically, the short-spinning sense is developed by one hand and one hand. The so-called practice makes perfect. The reason why I emphasize the simulation is that only by carefully comparing the simulation with the actual trend can you clearly discover which market is suitable for you and which you cannot grasp, that is, you need to make sufficient preparations before entering the market.

When a breakthrough occurs, you must dare to chase in. Run as soon as the plate stops, and do it section by section. The holding time is relatively safe. Therefore, you cannot expect huge profits and short-term losses. Accidental losses are inevitable. You must not be angry with the plate. It feels wrong. Be prepared to cut your order as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it’s really wrong to cut again. This will cause things to go wrong. Forget the analysis in your mind and don’t have a preconceived judgment on the foreign exchange market. If you don’t know what you are losing after placing an order, the money in your account will be rushing Random rise, then congratulations, you are a foreign exchange genius, it was born for you.

The greater the expectation in foreign exchange, the greater the disappointment. On the contrary, it is to earn a small amount of money steadily. You don’t need to be top-notch, as long as you mix better than most, and the same is true for foreign exchange. The short-term speculation basically does not look at the technical indicators. The mentality must be calm and not emotional. The slow market speculation back and forth, the fast market generally only takes one direction.

Even if you miss a hit, you have to retreat. Most people have to overcome the challenge of defeating themselves. Only when they realize their weaknesses as soon as possible can they avoid detours. It’s no big deal to make money by looking at the market, and it’s great to see if you lose money on the market and you can continue to place orders without being affected. It is useless to simply apply the success model. How to overcome the mentality of wanting to win and fear of losing is more important.
Foreign exchange short-term masters do single strategy, foreign exchange short-term trading sense

Don’t be afraid of making foreign exchange money, because you don’t have the self-confidence to worry about gains and losses, and then there is only inertia.

The skill of the speculator is reflected in the fact that when he is not holding a position, not having a list does not mean not thinking. It is the most nervous that will enter the market. When entering the market, the right and wrong are very clear, and how to deal with it is very casual. Only do what you have confidence in the market, do not have to think so complicated, simple and effective.

In fact, short-term foreign exchange pays more attention to the timing of market entry than long-term foreign exchange. Good prices are sometimes more important than the right direction. In this case, the plate is fast and the price is swept up and down. When the chart gives signals, it will often lag behind and become a helper. When placing an order, you must force yourself to prejudge yourself ahead of the chart. When it is right, hold the order as much as possible, and deal with it early when you feel bad. The stop loss is not a mechanical set point.

When approaching the low or high of the day, I will observe whether the double-headed or double-bottom pattern is established. If it is formed, I will take some reverse orders. The so-called wealth and wealth insurance is required. If it is a real breakthrough, I will jump down a few price points and follow the trend. Join in the fun, you don’t usually have to use your brain to speculate. Disk feeling is your prediction of the price fluctuation of the disk. All short-terms are only based on disk feeling + experience.

To truly achieve low-risk or even risk-free transactions, the only way to be patient is to wait patiently for such a transaction price to arrive, but such traders are rare.

Good trading signals are scarce in the market, but not without them. In a market full of trading opportunities, opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared.