In the foreign exchange market, traders can be divided into short-term traders and long-term traders according to the length of the trading cycle. Intraday trading is a kind of short-term trading. Yuhui International will come to talk with you about foreign exchange day trading techniques today.

Forex intraday trading skills one, position technology. The essence of this intraday trading technique is to judge the market trend by observing the evolution stage of the market micro market. Its operating basis is that there will always be some specific morphological characteristics in the operation of the foreign exchange market. However, operating this technique requires traders to intervene and exit the position very quickly, without a trace of hesitation. Once the market conditions are in place, they must operate immediately. At the same time, the transaction is required to be very decisive on the stop loss.

Foreign exchange day trading technique two: inertial technology. This day trading technique is based on the small inertia of the foreign exchange market. We all know that the changes in the foreign exchange market are continuous, and the micro and relatively macro markets generally have their own inertia, and the inertia of the market usually does not suddenly appear and disappear.

The operation method of the inertial technology is to operate in close proximity to the pending order on the disk, which is generally at the price of the pending order when the trader’s pending order is hit. Inertial operation does not need to preset a specific operating position. It comes out very quickly. It should be noted that once the small inertia of the market disappears, the trader must immediately leave the market and wait for the next inertia to appear. The advantage is that the operation is very convenient and fast. Traders generally can get profits after breaking the pending order, and the stop loss point is also very small.

Third, the two-way wave band technology. This trading technique is a trend technique. Its biggest advantage is that it allows traders to clarify the development of market conditions and the position they will reach. The disadvantage is that the judgment of the trend and the market stage may be wrong. The disadvantage of this technique is that it may cause traders to stop losses excessively when used. Once the judgment is wrong, the trader’s losses will increase.