The first secret to success in foreign exchange is unique and otherworldly. What is the sense of disk? It is your intuition about the trend of the disk at a glance. It is a psychological first reaction when observing the real-time trend of the disk.

Foreign exchange investors will look for suggestions from different people as references when trading. Everyone has their own advantages, so the suggestions given are also different. Some suggest short-term foreign exchange operations, and some suggestions In the long-term, some believe that fundamental analysis is more important, and some say that technical analysis is best. Taken together, the long-term risks are lower than short-term foreign exchange operations. However, due to investor choice, long-term investors need more patience. Most people who have just entered the market are doing short-term trading.

To be short-term, the effect of intuition is indispensable.

Foreign exchange short-term operation skills

Of course, the sense of play does not mean everything, but if you have a good sense of play in the short-term, you may have everything.

We can first assume: the foreign exchange market is rising or falling, and then we step by step to verify.

If the market is operating as we expected, it will increase.

If it does not operate as we expected in advance, stop the loss! We cannot passively wait for the market to prove that I am right before chasing the open position. At this time, the profit of opening a position is small, and we have no cost to wait for the market to prove me. It is wrong to close the position. At this time, closing the position has already lost a lot.

If I have to wait until the foreign exchange market is running until the disk and various indicators are wrong, I will stop the loss, then: At this time, the loss has been heavy and it is too late.

Therefore, and only in this way, can we continuously strengthen our correct thinking and actions.

Opening a position does not necessarily have to wait until the market proves that we are correct, and closing a position does not necessarily have to wait until the market proves us that we are wrong. The advance amount can be played, and it can be profitable when we make a mistake.

The short-spinning sense is practiced with one hand and one hand, and within 10 seconds of entering the list, there will be an explanation of lifting the sedan. Basically, the short-spinning sense is developed by one hand and one hand. The so-called practice makes perfect. The reason why I emphasize the simulation is that only by carefully comparing the simulation with the actual trend can you clearly discover which market is suitable for you and which you cannot grasp, that is, you need to make sufficient preparations before entering the market.

Forget the analysis in mind when speculating, and don’t have preconceived judgments about the foreign exchange market. As a speculator, I only make small fluctuations that belong to me, rejecting the overall view and profiteering.

When a breakthrough occurs, you must dare to chase in. Run as soon as the plate stops, and do it section by section. The holding time is relatively safe. Therefore, you cannot expect huge profits and short-term losses. Accidental losses are inevitable. You must not be angry with the plate. It feels wrong. Be prepared to cut your order as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it’s really wrong to cut again. This will cause things to go wrong. Forget the analysis in your mind and don’t have a preconceived judgment on the foreign exchange market. If you don’t know what you are losing after placing an order, the money in your account will be rushing Random rise, then congratulations, you are a foreign exchange genius, it was born for you.

The greater the expectation in foreign exchange, the greater the disappointment. On the contrary, it is to earn a small amount of money steadily. You don’t want to be top-notch, as long as you mix better than most, the same is true for foreign exchange.

The short-term speculation basically does not look at the technical indicators. The mentality must be calm and not emotional. The slow market speculation back and forth, the fast market generally only takes one direction.

Even if you miss a hit, you have to retreat. Most people have to overcome the challenge of defeating themselves. Only when they realize their weaknesses as soon as possible can they avoid detours.

It’s no big deal to make money by looking at the market, and it’s great to see if you lose money on the market and you can continue to place orders without being affected.

It is useless to simply apply the success model. How to overcome the mentality of wanting to win and fear of losing is more important.

Don’t be afraid of making foreign exchange money, because you don’t have the self-confidence to worry about gains and losses, and then there is only inertia.

The skill of the speculator is reflected in the fact that when he is not holding a position, no order does not mean no thinking. The most tense thing is to enter or not. When the order enters the market, it is clear at a glance, and how to deal with it is very casual.

Only do what you have confidence in the market, do not have to think so complicated, simple and effective.

In fact, short-term foreign exchange pays more attention to the timing of market entry than long-term foreign exchange. Good prices are sometimes more important than the right direction. In this case, the plate is fast and the price is swept up and down. When the chart gives signals, it will often lag behind and become a helper.

When placing an order, you must force yourself to prejudge yourself ahead of the chart. When it is right, hold the order as much as possible, and deal with it early when you feel bad. The stop loss is not a mechanical set point.

When approaching the low or high of the day, I will observe whether the double-headed or double-bottom pattern is established. If it is formed, I will take some reverse orders. The so-called wealth and wealth insurance is required. If it is a real breakthrough, I will jump down a few price points and follow the trend. Join in the fun, you don’t usually have to use your brain to speculate.

Disk feeling is your prediction of the price fluctuation of the disk. All short-terms are only based on disk feeling + experience.

Doing short-term foreign exchange operations requires better analysis and judgment capabilities than long-term operations. The long-term mainly looks at a long-term trend, while the short-term needs to grasp the small trend as accurately as possible in the large trend, focusing on technical analysis methods. For the two trading methods, investors should choose according to their own circumstances.

Foreign exchange short-term operation skills

  1. During operation, for some trading products, you should exit immediately after gaining a profit, and do not stay in a certain asset for too long, especially some currencies that have a relatively large rise or a relatively sharp rebound.
  2. Apart from “fast”, the principle that must be followed is “short”. If you switch from a short-term to a long-term, it will disrupt your established trading strategy, and eventually you will even turn your profits into losses, and your mentality will be hit to a considerable extent.
  3. The 30-day moving average is very important in short-term foreign exchange transactions. When the exchange rate rises, it is a key support line. When the exchange rate falls, it will become an important resistance level. Investors can refer to the 30-day moving average of individual varieties. Perform a bounce operation.

Foreign exchange short-term operation principles

  1. Maintain a good mentality: When you step into the market, you are rushing to make money. The amount of profit affects your mentality. In order to control trading risks, investors would rather make less than lose.
  2. Stop-profit and stop-loss are equally important: In a unilateral trend, stop-profit can be used to increase profit margins by pushing stop-loss method. In a volatile market, stop-profit often requires personal thinking to close positions, not every order Everyone must earn thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. In the turbulent market, they must be adequate, and rely on accumulation to obtain considerable benefits.
  3. Do not increase the price at will: It is more difficult to increase the price than entering the market for the first time, and many factors need to be considered. At the same time, the price is usually no longer so favorable. When it comes to risk assessment and risk control, overweight will complicate the situation and adversely affect the entire transaction.

Novices should also pay attention to it. It is best to read the novice teaching tutorial before entering the market. This is a professional tutorial made by the first financial teacher according to the needs of novices. It involves industries, models, financial terms, technical indicators and many other aspects, which can help novices to learn more. Get started.