Among the friends who invest in foreign exchange, there are probably more stockholders, and I am no exception (although I play gold, gold and foreign exchange are very similar in operation methods, so I think my investment experience will be helpful to everyone. ). In the big bull market in 1997, my funds for playing warrants doubled 28 times, but my fund base was relatively low, with only 17,000 funds at the beginning. Since 2008, the warrant market has been sluggish, and money is getting worse and worse. Later, I learned about gold through a friend’s introduction. I first watched the trend of gold for a few days and found that it fluctuates sharply every day. At that time, I hated why I didn’t know it so well. Compared with the stock market and the power market, there are too many opportunities to make money in the gold market. It is possible to short and trade 24 hours a day. My stock market master will definitely make a fortune here.

  At the beginning, I invested 50,000 yuan to test, and the funds reached 110,000 in just 10 days. At that time, I felt that gold was really easy to do. I also planned to make 10 million in a year, but then I gradually discovered that gold is not so easy to do. Warrant operation technology fails in the gold market. For example, when I play warrants, I usually have full positions, and I often grab rebounds to make short-term spreads. Sometimes I operate 50 times a day. These warrant operation methods are taboos in the gold market. I have to pay a heavy price. Realize this.

At that time, I watched the market for more than 10 hours a day, and often stayed up late. After several months of trading, I felt that the market was confusing and very unsure. During this period, I liquidated 5-6 times and lost 10 in the afternoon for the first time. After Waner’s liquidation, I realized the horror of margin trading. Later, the second and third liquidation was to quickly make up for the previous losses and bet on full positions. The result was immediately liquidation.

  Here is a brief description of my first liquidation. That afternoon, I placed 2 lots of multiple orders, and then fell a little and then covered 2 lots. I didn’t expect the market to continue to dive hugely, so I covered 3 lots again. , The result is still falling all the way, and finally I have found that this time it is very likely to be liquidated. At that time, there were more than 30,000 in the account. I knew that the probability of liquidation was almost 100%, but I was really unwilling to cut the meat because I lost too much. Resigned to fate, the position finally broke. After losing too much, future generations will lose their rationality. When the liquidation is about to become a reality (it can be judged that the possibility of liquidation is almost 100%), rational investors should immediately cut the meat at this time. The loss is as much as you reduce, and you must not let him explode. Later, I found out that other people also broke their positions. For example, more than 10 friends who were playing gold with me at the time (all I met in the warrants forum) all made such mistakes. One of my friends was specialized in foreign exchange. One day In the evening, he asked me to help him make suggestions. At that time, she had already lost 6000 US dollars and there was more than 1000 US dollars in the account. After reading the market, I realized that the position was about to be liquidated. What he did was an empty order, but the market was climbing strongly. I asked him to cut the meat quickly. He said that he had lost so much and he wanted to continue gambling. I tried to persuade him but he couldn't listen to it. As a result, the position was liquidated. Later, she told me that he also saw that it was very likely to liquidate. But you can only resign yourself, this is the weakness of human nature.

  At the beginning, more than 10 of us entered the gold market with full confidence. At present, only one of my friends and I continue to insist. Everyone has overrun their positions, and they have all overrun at least two times. Some people are forced to withdraw because they have no capital. Some people have gone to play stocks again. I am currently playing stocks and warrants during the day and gold at night. After numerous transactions, I have mastered a very good operation plan. I will share it with you so that everyone can earn more money from the gringy.

1) The position can not be full at any time, it is best to control the position below 1/5.
2) Never stay up late, watching the market for a long time will seriously overdraw your energy and seriously affect your thinking ability.
3) Generally, trade during the period of 8 o’clock to 12 o’clock in the evening, avoid exceeding 12 o’clock.
4) Basically ignore the research on fundamentals, such as the US dollar index, non-agricultural data, oil, etc. These are basically meaningless to our retail investors. We are not strategic investors, as long as we rely on technology to make some profits every day. I used to use two computers to watch the market. The other computer was dedicated to watching the dollar index and oil. Now I basically use one computer.

5) Don’t look at the operation suggestions put forward by some analysts. For example, today it is operating in the 900-920 US dollar range, short below 918 and long above 905, resistance at 915, 918, 920, support at 900, 905, 910, etc. These operational suggestions have no practical meaning. If you rely on these forecasts for a long time to operate, you will lose your capital. Everyone has also experienced the level of stock critics. Forex analysts are similar to stock critics. Experts exist in their own experience. Among the various retail investors, there are no masters among stock critics and analysts. Real masters predict short-term trends step by step based on real-time disks and then operate. They are by no means predicting the market for the next 24 hours a day in advance, and immortals cannot make such predictions.

6) Sometimes resistance and support levels have no practical meaning at all. Once you encounter a super market, you can easily break through these resistance and support levels.
7) Try not to set a stop-win or stop-loss as much as possible, and cultivate active intraday responsiveness.
8) Without lock-up, I didn’t find any advantages of lock-up, only the disadvantage of increasing costs.
9) There are only a few good opportunities for operation every night. I usually only do it 1-3 times, rarely more than 2 times. In the past, I did it at least 10 times a day, ha ha.
10) When making money, try to maximize the profit as much as possible. If you exceed your preset lock-in range when you make a loss, you will cut the meat decisively. Generally speaking, you can never cover up your position without absolute certainty in technology. It is best not to develop the habit of making up position. .
11) Don’t watch the 1-minute line operation. People who often watch the 1-minute line operation will lose their principal sooner or later.

  Clever use of 60-minute line and 5-minute line to make money, this is the most valuable content in my post. I use this technology to achieve almost 100% accuracy in short-term operations. After repeated trials, I rarely lose money at present, and basically make some profits every day of. No profiteering is required, just a long stream of water. When the 60-minute bar falls along the 5-day moving average, it can be determined that the short-term downtrend channel is formed, and then when a red candle appears and hits the 5-day moving average, then go short. At this time, it is best to form a double top at the 5-minute bar , Never grab a rebound and do more in a downtrend. You can only wait until the 60-minute k-line touches the 5-day moving average or the 10-day moving average or when the daily line hits the 5-day moving average, go short. Use the 5-minute line to assist in judging short-term trading points. Generally speaking, you can go short after 1-2 more powerful (longer) red candles appear at a relatively low level in a downtrend, but you must make a profit and close the position immediately. At this time, you can't think about making a big profit, otherwise it will be easy to get stuck.

  Before the double bottom of the 60-minute line appears, judge the uptrend in time according to the 5-point line to follow up and go long at the first time. For example, go long after the 5-point line has gone through 3-4 falling waves (resistance decline). If you break through the 20-day moving average, you can make a lot of money on that day. When I say this, some friends may not understand it well. If you look at the market software for a few days, you will find the mystery. It depends on their own observation.

  I usually only do 0.5 hand, rarely do 1 hand. When I think about the new born calf, I am not afraid of the tiger operating more than 20 times a day. I can't believe it with 5-6 hands at once. It's terrifying, haha .