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Company name: Fast Forex

Company abbreviation: Fast Forex · Yongfeng Financial

Country of company registration: Australia

Supervision status: no supervision

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Wing Fung Financial was deceived and lost real news! The truth is shocking!

Is Yongfeng Financial formal and legal? What should I do if I was defrauded of losing money in Yongfeng Financial? Wing Fung Financial Investment Scam reveals the secret for you! The market is here. Whenever the market circulates, a few happy and sad, have you ever wondered why you are the only one who loses money every time. Is it really your bad luck? I think this is not the case. You should go back and think about why you are losing money. Is your platform legal and compliant? Is your platform protected in my country, and whether the spread and slippage range of the platform is compliant? Under heavy profit, some people must try to get a piece of the pie.

Similar victim experience:

In mid-May, I met a self-proclaimed friend in a certain voting group by chance. Later, he was drawn to an exchange group, and there were teachers in the group who recommended tickets to analyze the current market situation! At the beginning, the teacher recommended a few cows, and I made some money. Later, the teacher said that the market is not easy to do now. If you still build this platform together, you will definitely make money. I have not been in contact with this, but the teacher took me to make money. The teacher promises I was able to make money and even doubled several times a week. I agreed, and the teacher urged me to open an account quickly.

At the urging of the teacher, I considered opening an account overnight, and put more than half of my years of savings into 340,000. However, I followed the teacher’s guidance and made several orders, which caused a huge loss|loss in my account. After that, he said that I was relieved and took me to double it. But it has been losing money. In one week, it lost 290,000 yuan, and the remaining 50,000 platform still refused to give up the money for various reasons. The teacher did not give me a reasonable explanation, but kept urging me to increase the gold and earn back the previous losses. This made me completely wake up. After refusing to increase the gold and stop making orders, I was kicked out of the group. Send a message to the teacher without replying.

Later, I accidentally saw an article about Yongfeng Financial published by Huifa Aid on the Internet, so I consulted them after I learned about the various routines of Yongfeng Financial, which made me firm to follow up. I entrusted Huifa Aid to help me recover the loss, and it only took 8 days for the platform to compensate me for all my losses.

Fast Forex · Yongfeng Financial Rating: 1.28 points, please be aware of risks.