With a background in university finance, he has been playing stocks for many years and has three years of experience in foreign exchange speculation. Mr. Xiong, a foreign exchange analyst researcher, stood out from the 5,000 contestants in the foreign exchange simulation contest held by Tencent and Industrial Investment and won the first week in one fell swoop. Champion. In his hands, the starting capital of US$10,000 was magically transformed into as much as 580,000 after five days. What kind of operating technique is behind this remarkable increase? What is the trading philosophy of traders? Behind the rapid rise in wealth is a game of capital or a collision of wisdom? Let's walk into the champion of the first week of the foreign exchange simulation contest-Xiong Yong, and reveal his unique foreign exchange tricks in depth.

When did you come into contact with foreign exchange?

Since I majored in finance at university, I have a sure foundation in financial products. Among them, I will be exposed to some foreign exchange knowledge from time to time. I have also heard about foreign exchange transactions for a long time, but Zhengzhen's systematic study is from 3 years ago. Started. Before I came into contact with foreign exchange, I was also very interested in stock investment. I had a lot of actual trading experience and some experience in domestic spot, futures, etc. After that, my interest gradually shifted to the foreign exchange investment industry. It is unlimited. The possible high return has made me deeply obsessed, and my love for it has continued to this day.

Which currency do you generally choose to trade?

Under normal circumstances, I would choose to trade the European and American Eur/USD. The Euro is my best trading currency. Because of the trading volume, it is relatively stable and technically stable. It is not prone to false break signals.

Focus on the Eurozone and the United States factors, including economic data, national events, etc. Fundamental analysis is complicated. The key is to grasp the focus. The recent European debt crisis and the performance of the U.S. economy are the focus. The details related to it can effectively learn the fundamentals.

In foreign exchange trading, which indicator do you value most?

I value position to control the most. I generally don't risk doing things that I'm not sure about, especially when it comes to position control. The size of a single stop loss is not directly related to the profit or loss. The position control has the most significant impact on the result.

It is reasonable for a stable trader to have less than 5% of the margin, and a part of an aggressive trader can be less than 10% of the margin. I usually buy a test position with a bit of work. For example, I will place 0.1 hands to test the situation and stop by 100 points. As long as the price is within the stop loss range and a specific technical signal is formed technically, the judgment is accurate. At this time, I will boldly attack. As long as the price is still within the operating range of the trend, there is no need to worry about the loss on the book, but you must not add to the deadweight. Usually, time is also an essential factor that needs to be considered in the transaction.

How do you do it technically?

In terms of technology, it is nothing more than K-line signals and indicators, and things related to K-line theory are used. In terms of hands, I mainly use MACD and RSI. For the moving average, I generally use the 83-day moving average.

How did you build a good mentality?

There are gains and losses in a transaction, just as a military strategist wins and loses. Success is not proud; failure is not discouraged; you need to hone in marketing. Profit and loss are opposites. Afterward, the key is to find out the reasons for this result to increase your experience and not lay mines for future mistakes. So the loss is not terrible; the main reason is how to treat these losses. Establishing a good mentality must be based on continuous success, but the premise is that you have firm beliefs before you collapse.

Under what circumstances can a firm offer operation be performed?

Simulated trading can get psychological satisfaction, but the joy of actual trading will be significantly reduced whether it is successful or not.

In the foreign exchange simulation trading, if you can persist for more than half a year and have a profit of more than 20% per month, and it is in the background of a fixed number of transactions, such as a simulation account of 50,000 funds, one trading lot, and a maximum opening of 5 lots. It is recommended that you try a simple offer operation.

What is the key to winning this competition?

In addition to grasping the foreign exchange simulation competition trend, paying attention to the opponent's performance can not be ignored—this time, I am considered successful in the game of news. For example, the solution to the debt crisis will appear in the way expected by the market, and the result is the same. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that there is a specific luck factor in it.

Do you have any comments and suggestions for this competition?

The organization and promotion of this competition are excellent. Many friends participate in this foreign exchange simulation competition, which is very competitive. Regarding opinions and suggestions, I feel that the maximum order limit of 20 lots is more complex, and it is not easy to operate if the amount of funds is large. It is beautiful to independently generate the championship, second and third place each week in the award set, and the award setting is gorgeous. I will continue to participate in the next ten weeks of competitions. This way of registering and participating in the competition is also one of the highlights of this foreign exchange simulation contest.