easyMarkets · EasyMarkets (formerly easyForex) was established in 2001 and is an early pioneer in providing retail foreign exchange transactions. Easy Markets Pty Ltd obtained ASIC regulatory license in 2005, and Easy Forex Trading Ltd obtained CySEC regulatory license in 2007.

After launching its own trading platform, easyMarkets also provides the MT4 platform, which is software developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation and added the option trading function of ORE Technologies LTD.

Before 2016, as the company switched from a foreign exchange broker to a multi-asset provider, easyForex was renamed easyMarkets. In addition to the web version of its own platform, easyMarkets also launched its mobile version of its own platform application in May 2017. easyMarkets offers nearly 200 kinds of commodities, including 97 currency pairs, 22 precious metals, 12 commodities, 15 indices, 29 options and forward contracts.

Advantages of easyMarkets trading platform

Supervised by ASIC and CySEC

No slippage in order execution

Provide transaction protection tools (no additional cost)

Provide three cryptocurrency CFDs

Free guaranteed stop loss orders (GSLO) are provided by default

One-key transaction cancellation function

Disadvantages of easyMarkets trading platform

Only provide fixed spreads

easyMarkets · How about easyMarkets foreign exchange trading platform, is it reliable?

According to the results of the foreign exchange query: easyMarkets · Yixin score 8.64, the platform has an Australian (ASIC) full license (MM), supervision number: 246566;

Cyprus (CYSEC) full license (MM), supervision number: 079/07