Foreign exchange traders are usually unwilling to face losses, but after a period of foreign exchange transactions, most will find themselves in a state of long-term losses. The novice cannot tolerate the loss after some time but wants to withdraw from the market. Today's editor will tell you how to avoid lossless situations in the foreign exchange market.

First of all, we need to clearly understand that any financial transaction has significant risks, so people who conduct foreign exchange transactions over time are more courageous. It is impossible to throw pies into the sky, let alone pick up the money. Therefore, investors can be persuaded to get rich overnight, but the chances are usually small. Any investment requires correct operation and an excellent attitude to be profitable. If all foreign exchange traders are losing money, how can the foreign exchange market flourish as it is now? Therefore, the problem lies in our technical operations and mentality.

Position control

For novices, the editor also wants to emphasize the control of this posture again and again. In the early days, beginners like to increase the position too much, which often leads to an out of alignment. Therefore, we should remember that the work should not be too large when trading. When some experience can take risks, we should consider adding classes. The editor suggests that the proportion of open positions should not exceed 5% to ensure transaction security.

Stop-loss setting

Many novices often forget to set a stop loss, which can lead to increased losses. The editor suggests that you first develop a stop loss and execute it strictly according to the plan when entering the market. Do not change the program at will in the transaction, but adjust the stop loss point in time. When money grows in a polite direction, you need to reduce your stop loss. The same is true for stop-loss gains. Take profit can minimize risk. When performing short-term operations, please set a minor stop-loss point to stop loss appropriately. In the long-term process, put a more significant stop loss point to help investors profit. It is best to put the stopper at twice the position of the pin.

No overnight position

The foreign exchange transaction time is 24 hours, so the market situation in the foreign exchange market will be uncertain. Once holding the position for a long time, the risk will become greater and greater. Novice investors can try short-term trading, and the risk of short-term trading is much smaller than that of long-term trading. When novice traders have accumulated a certain amount of experience, they will engage in long-term trading. It is best not to hold positions overnight in short-term transactions, and the retention time for medium- and long-term transactions should not exceed the weekend so that risks can be better controlled.