Currency Exchange Controls

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Currency Exchange Controls are government restrictions that limit the ability of citizens to purchase foreign currency and limit the purchase of domestic currency from abroad.

Also known as exchange controls, these restrictions are often used to restrict capital flows in countries whose currencies are partially convertible.

This tool is often used to protect the economy by preventing capital flight.

Currency controls typically occur in fragile states that lack the stability and infrastructure to support the free flow of foreign exchange.

Freely convertible currencies such as USD, EUR, JPY are completely unregulated.

However, almost all foreign currencies are subject to exchange controls. Example:

  • As the world's second largest economy, China exercises various controls over its currency, the renminbi , although it is now part of a basket of reserve currencies.
  • The Brazilian Real is a non-convertible currency, which means that the currency cannot leave the country. Do not trade on the foreign exchange market.

In the context of free trade, the value of money is constantly fluctuating according to the dynamics of demand and supply. To limit exchange rate fluctuations and provide greater economic stability to the country, central banks may impose foreign exchange controls.

For a weak economy, the main goal of exchange control is to avoid speculation on its currency. Otherwise, such speculation could lead to major changes in the exchange rate, which could trigger capital flows with devastating economic consequences for the country.

The following are the most common currency controls:

  • Prohibit or restrict the purchase of foreign currency in the country
  • Prohibit or restrict the use of foreign currency in the country
  • Setting the exchange rate (rather than letting the value of the currency fluctuate according to market forces)
  • Currency exchange only at government-approved retailers
  • Limit the amount that can be imported or exported

Currency controls are a challenge for international companies as they hinder their ability to transact in local currencies.

These restrictions usually require further processing work by the company and increase the cost of foreign exchange operations and cross-border payments .

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