Today we are going to travel around the world, but it takes less than 80 days.

If you can keep up, we only need 80 seconds to make a lap!

…Or not!

In either case, we guarantee that you can understand the basic information of the major economies and the factors driving the economy forward.

For each country we will visit, we first need to quickly glance at the relevant important facts and data, and then understand its economic overview.

We will visit the central bank of this country to learn the secrets. Here, we will explore the powerful monetary policy tools that the central bank uses to control the national economy.

Hopefully we can slip into their coin mint room and secretly take the money printing board away and then trade on the black market.

We are kidding-we are here to teach you how to conduct foreign exchange transactions legally.

After that, we will discuss the important features that distinguish a country’s currency from other countries’ currencies, as well as the country’s important economic indicators. In order to make our journey interesting, we will conduct some small questions and answers from time to time and tell you useful trading skills.

As promised before, the cost of this exclusive field trip is covered by your scholarship and no travel visa is required. Although you may be very suspicious, keep going with it.

Start light, because all you need is your thirst for knowledge.

Are you ready?

Let’s go on the road together.