Construction spending

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Construction spending is an economic indicator that measures the total value of construction work completed in the United States

It covers the private and public sectors, providing insights into the health of the construction industry.

Construction spending levels are also used to measure the strength of an economy and the level of demand for goods and services.

What is construction expenditure?

The Construction Spending Report provides data on three broad categories of spending: residential, nonresidential, and public construction.

  • Residential Construction Covers both single-family and multi-family homes.
  • Non-residential constructionincludes commercial, industrial and institutional projects.
  • Public ConstructionIncludes spending by federal, state, and local governments on infrastructure, education, health care, and other public projects.
  • Data was collected through surveys of construction companies and public institutions, as well as building permits and other relevant sources.

    How to read the report


    Construction Spending Report presents data in terms of percent change

    from the previous month and year-over-year percent change.

    A positive month-on-month or year-on-year change indicates an increase in construction spending, while a negative change indicates a decrease in construction spending.

    The report also provides a breakdown of expenditure by category to more easily identify trends and changes in various sectors of the construction industry .

    Why does construction spending matter?

    construction spending is economic growth.

    High levels of construction activity generally herald a boom in the economy, as increased spending on construction projects can create jobs, boost demand for raw materials, and boost overall economic activity.

    A drop in construction spending could indicate a weak or potential slowdown in the economy.

    Construction spending reports can influence monetary policy decisions as policymakers use these data to assess economic conditions and determine the appropriate level of interest rates.

    The report is also closely watched by investors and analysts as it could affect the stock market and other financial instruments related to the construction industry.

    Who publishes the Construction Expenditure Report?

    Construction spending reports are released by the U.S. Census Bureau, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

    When is the construction spending report released?

    This report is published monthly, usually at the beginning of each month, and reflects data from the previous month.

    You can access the report on the U.S. Census Bureau’s website, where you can also find historical data and other resources related to construction spending.

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