Investors tend to overlook many issues when trading in the foreign exchange market. One of the more important roles is often overlooked, that is, the foreign exchange platform broker. Investors can compare several forex6. cc/foreign exchange platform providers, this is more secure, and this role can determine the survival of a new platform.

So how do we choose the right platform broker? Yuanhua Investment believes that the following five points can be referred to:

  1. Background investigation

Investigate whether the platform broker has its own platform or the counterparty is originally a platform provider. If any of these points appear, you cannot cooperate. Because your business is in conflict, your platform broker happens to be your competitor, and your client may be taken away.

  1. Platform security

Some platform brokers are not technically competent, and various problems ensue. At this time, the following questions should be clarified: Can the information data be completely encrypted? Will customer information be leaked? Can it withstand a certain degree of hacker attacks?

  1. Technical operation and maintenance

The technical operation and maintenance of platform brokers is very important. If there is a problem with the technical operation and maintenance of a platform broker, then all platforms they do can be directly sentenced to death. How to judge whether the technology is good or not? It’s actually very easy, just look at the chief technology officer (CTO) of this company.

  1. Price

Price is very important, and the pricing of each platform broker is also different. The first thing to be clear is that the ultimate goal of an enterprise is to make money. Don’t listen to words like “lower prices in order to grab the market and lower prices in order to establish a brand”. The hidden costs are only in the minds of the providers. Always remember “you get what you pay for”.

  1. Comprehensiveness

One more consideration when building a platform is what kind of supporting services the platform broker can provide.

For example: how to solve the deposit and withdrawal? How is the bridging between risk control plug-in and liquidation done? Do you have comprehensive financial training and financial station building services?

The more comprehensive the services that can be provided, the more outstanding the strength of the platform builder.