The formation of the dark cloud cover pattern is that in the upward trend, a long white candle line appears first, followed by a black candle line. The opening price of this black candle line is higher than the previous highest price of the white candle line , Its closing price clearly penetrates into the white candle line entity.

Judgments based:
1: In the dark cloud cover pattern, the deeper the closing price of the black entity penetrates downward, the greater the chance that the pattern will form a top. If the entire white entity is covered, it becomes an engulfing form. Bearish engulfing has more important technical significance than the dark cloud cover.
2: Occurred in a super long-term upward trend, the first day is a big bald bald foot yang line, the second day is a big bald bald foot yin line.
3: The second start price is at an important resistance level.
4: At the beginning, the transaction volume was very large, and there was a phenomenon of ups and downs, indicating that there are new bulls who are planning to embark on the bull market train at the opening of the market, but they did not expect a sell-off.