In the foreign exchange market, in addition to some professional foreign exchange traders, there are also many office workers who use their spare time to speculate foreign exchange. Time is actually the biggest problem for office workers. Most office workers may only have time at night.

So, can foreign exchange be fought at night?

  Yes, in the foreign exchange market, transactions can be carried out continuously 24 hours a day, so foreign exchange can also be speculated at night. Investors need not worry about this. The most obvious point of the foreign exchange market compared to other markets is that it can be continuously traded in time, and there is no restriction in space.

When is it appropriate to speculate in foreign exchange?

Although foreign exchange transactions are 24 hours a day, the market still has different volatility characteristics in different time periods. For foreign exchange traders, especially part-time traders, it is important to understand these details.

Generally speaking, foreign exchange transactions are extremely light from 4 am to 12 noon. Why? This is mainly due to the small driving force in the Asian market! Generally, the oscillation amplitude is within 30 points, and there is no obvious direction. Mostly adjustments and callbacks. Generally opposite to the direction of the day,
For example: If the trend of the day is rising, this period of time is mostly a small shock drop.
When is it appropriate to speculate in foreign exchange?

Since most of the market during this period has no direction at all, margin traders can observe it at around 6 to 8 in the morning, if the market is in a wave of up and down (see the 15-minute or 5-minute graph). You can do ultra-short-term operations within 15 points when the market oscillates to both ends, just put the stop-loss and not the short-term stop. If you can’t make money after 11 o’clock, you must close the position in time and stop the loss.

The European morning market is from 14 to 18 in the afternoon, and there is usually a market after 15 in the afternoon. Funds will increase after the start of trading in the European foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market is a market where money is accumulated, so there will be fluctuations in the large amount of funds there. And this period will also be accompanied by the release of some influential data on European currencies! Generally, the oscillation amplitude is around 40-80 points. This period of time will generally start the real market after 15:30. More than half of the market will be accompanied by deviations and breakthroughs and other technical indicators, so it is a better opportunity to grasp.

18-20 o’clock, it is the noon break in Europe and the early morning in the American market, which is relatively light! This period is the lunch break between Europe and China, and it is also the eve of waiting for the start of the United States. We also happened to be eating and walking.

20 o’clock-24 o’clock is the afternoon session of the European market and the morning session of the American market! This period is when the market fluctuates the most, and it is also the period when the amount of funds and the number of participants is the largest. Generally, there are fluctuations above 80 points.

During this period of time, we will act in full accordance with today’s direction, so judging the market this time should be based on the general trend. It can be in the same direction as Europe, and it can be in the opposite direction to Europe. In short, it should be in line with the general trend.

After 24 o’clock in the morning, it is the afternoon trading in the United States. Generally, the market has already gone out of the larger market at this time. This period of time is mostly a technical adjustment to the previous market.

In fact, foreign exchange investors in China have an incomparable advantage in other time zones. They can seize the most volatile time period from 15:00 to 24:00. For ordinary investors, they are non-forex professional jobs, and they leave work at 5 pm The period until 24:00 is free time, which can be used for foreign exchange investment, so you don’t have to be distracted by work.

Investors who can’t keep up with the afternoon will of course have to wait until the evening to trade, but it’s better to wait until after 8:30 in the evening. This is the second time when the market starts and the time with the greatest volatility. Europe will start after the lunch break, and the Americas will open in the morning city. However, you must be very careful when publishing important data. At this time, due to the huge risks in the venue, do not blindly follow the trend.