Foreign exchange rebates are a common method for many foreign exchange platforms to attract customers. Foreign exchange rebates can help investors better save transaction costs. Many investors see business opportunities from foreign exchange spreads and commission rebates.
Can foreign exchange speculation make money through foreign exchange spreads and rebates?

So, can foreign exchange speculation make money through foreign exchange spreads and rebates?

It’s difficult. How many people really make money from rebates, almost never heard of

The best way is to master the technology by yourself. It may be more reliable to make money by technical methods.

  1. It is recommended to choose platforms and first-level agents of well-known brands. The platform must choose a platform regulated by the British FSA or by the NFA. Being regulated by one means that they will be very standardized and formal, and will be more guaranteed and safer for your funds. They especially impose strict penalties on first-level agents.

Because the platform under this supervision is very serious and standardized in terms of capital reversal and operating specifications, otherwise it will be severely fined or even revoked.

  1. If you come across someone who blows up to the sky, it must be Hey Platform Hey Company. I suggest not to be confused. Their conditions are very tempting now, but they are basically many new Huiyou friends. Here is a penny. These are hard-earned money.

In addition, many people have discovered the business opportunities and used foreign exchange spreads and commissions to start businesses.

So, how to use foreign exchange rebates to make money?

There are two main methods

The first is to use hedging to brush rebates for profit. This is the most common means of making money for many single investors. At present, foreign exchange platforms use the number of trading hands to rebate. They use two orders with the same position and opposite directions to hedge transactions. Although the profit and loss of the two transactions will be Cancel each other out. However, due to the calculation of the lot size, you will get the corresponding rebate.

However, this method has a shortcoming, that is, the requirements for technology are very high, hedging transactions are not as simple as imagined, and it requires a lot of technical support. In addition, when hedging transactions, transaction spreads are also calculated normally, which will cause transaction costs to increase exponentially.

The second method is to become a foreign exchange agent, after developing customers, use the customer’s trading hands to get rebates. The difficulty of this method is to become an agent and develop customers. The more customers you develop, the greater the benefits you can get.