Affixed quality index?

Ryo Kago’s progress, trade, and possible trades.

It is already a capital index, and there is no exception to Mimotoya.货币 Trader’s commentary, Yumi Yuanyuan Index (USDX).

In spite of the fact that it is reflected in the international market rate, it is a measure of the rate of change in the market rate, and the degree of change in the rate of change. Approximately more than total calculation Mimoto Kazu Selective one-to-one costly and comprehensive change rate, amount of visit balance is less than beautiful.

The explanation? After being inspected, the person who was in charge of the service was admitted, and I fell asleep during the day.

One child

Bimoto Index 6 major currency groups,

• Yuan
• Yuan
• English
• Kamoto
• Katsunori Mizunori
• Mizuro

This issue. Ryokami Gen Index, 6 kinds of money, organization, research

6 Ryokasetsu theories, Nasasuka saga.

22 pieces of Ryokatai theory, genius of Nazuka.

22 shared nations, causative in the European Union in the cause, 17 years ago.

22 national monopoly global medium national small one part, however, others Kazumi Kazumi Former exponentially-affiliated person very close. This index is a global index of weakness and weakness.

Mimoto index component

We are a member of the “Kanjang” part of the current organization, currently in office. Reasonable, national, large, small, and non-existent.

Pre-emptive claims

Yu Yuan Yuan-ku Yu 16 country organization, European Yuan Yuan index, Nakagen Shigeya. The next is Himoto, Inoue Niaya is the largest global economy. In addition, the other four national financial status index is 30%.

Existence of a very interesting situation: When the European yuan was down, what was the index of the Bigen Index?

Western yuan yuan index Centrally occupying claim weighting, this is the main anti-western yuan index. Yu Yuan Yuan Index Receiving Europe Yuan Yuan Yuan Giant, Human Liberal Economic Development Beginning Equilibrium Miyuan Index. Immortality, this kind of change and inferiority. The tip of the neck, the shape of the table, and the shape of the figure.