At Or Better

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“At Or Better” is an order instruction given in the trading of securities that directs a broker to fill the order at a specific price or better.

The “better” aspect refers to obtaining a lower price than specified for buy orders or a higher price for sell orders.

When placing a buy order, “At Or Better” would mean the broker is to buy the security at the specified limit price or at a price less than that limit price.

Conversely, when placing a sell order, “At Or Better” means the broker is to sell the security at the specified limit price or at a price greater than that limit price.

This type of order allows traders and investors to specify the worst price they are willing to accept while also leaving the possibility open for a more advantageous price.

The order ensures that the trader won’t pay more or sell for less than a specific price, but it doesn’t guarantee the order will be filled, especially in fast-moving or thinly traded markets where the specified price may not be met.

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