Foreign exchange is a risky and profitable investment project. It has both high risks and high returns. There are benefits and disputes, so the foreign exchange industry is also full of indistinguishable truths and rumors. These right and wrong statements may cause people outside the industry to stop eating due to suffocation or do things they don't know, which is likely to affect every trader in the industry. Whether it is a veteran or a novice, they may misunderstand the foreign exchange industry. If they can successfully avoid these misunderstandings, they can prevent a lot of unnecessary interference.

So what is the misunderstanding of the foreign exchange industry over the years? "I can get rich overnight by speculating in foreign exchange."
"Do you want to be rich overnight? Do you want to be famous overnight? Do you want to pick up girls at Lamborghini..."

"Wash and sleep now."

Many new investors always ask the question, "Do you make money in foreign exchange?" In theory, due to the existence of leverage, the foreign exchange margin market has a high rate of return. The possibility of this high return is that the trading volume from the foreign exchange market is large enough, and the chance of profit is when all regions of the world are in This market is also very high when large transactions are conducted, but this also increases the uncertainty in the foreign exchange market.

Like all other investment products, the foreign exchange industry is likely to get rich overnight. However, if we blindly invest in this goal, we will have to take many risks. In many cases, the result is not what we want. Therefore, before entering the foreign exchange market, we must adjust our mentality. We are pursuing long-term benefits. The Fluke mentality is taboo in the investment process.

"Foreign exchange trading is straightforward; it is gambling."

The foreign exchange market is a market, not a casino. The market will not change its operating law based on personal wishes. In foreign exchange trading, although some luck is required, it ultimately depends on experience and technology.

Some people think that foreign exchange trading is straightforward. They believe that they can be invincible in the market with "good luck" or just learning or buying profit strategies, which is unrealistic. If you want to succeed, you need to spend a lot of mental and spiritual time and bear more risks, pressure, and physical burden.
Invest in foreign exchange with a gambling mentality, increase your bet when you win, and fight back when you lose. This impulsive way often leads to failure, which is why some people have the wrong idea that "foreign exchange is gambling." In actual operations, investors should remain calm, observe the market rationally, find relatively stable market trends, and make reasonable investments. Experience and technology are the most robust backings for every investor.

"You must have a lot of money."

Before entering the foreign exchange market, some people believed they needed a lot of capital to participate in the industry. This is not the case as forex trading provides leverage.