7 tips for foreign exchange speculation, experience of foreign exchange masters: Foreign exchange speculation, also known as foreign exchange margin trading, is a financial investment tool that is superior to stock market investment. Its investment direction is the global foreign exchange market. Since the daily fluctuation of exchange rate is not as large as that of the stock market, the rate of return is small if the investment is made in a firm exchange transaction. Using margin trading to invest, foreign exchange investors can use the principle of leverage, small strokes, two-way transactions, flexible operations, and because it is a global market, the opportunity for the market to be controlled by individuals or institutions is small, so compared to the stock market Said to be more transparent and fair.

7 tips for foreign exchange speculation, experience of foreign exchange masters

Secret one of foreign exchange speculation: the greedy is useless. The foreign exchange market and the stock market are completely different things. *Operation should be safe, and *remember that it should be short and fast. The profit of the foreign exchange market is mainly derived from the economic fluctuations of various countries. Generally, there is not much economic disturbance. The foreign exchange market will not produce huge changes. If it deviates slightly, various national institutions and the world organization will intervene significantly. Therefore, for 1 to 2% of profits, investors should withdraw quickly.

The second secret of foreign exchange speculation: sell high and buy low. Looking for a national currency with close trade relations and domestic political stability, sell high and buy low, making money is no doubt. The currencies of countries with close trade relations have a tacit understanding of maintaining stable linkages. When the currency of country B drops below the most common price, large-scale purchases are made, and within half a year, the income will be abundant.

The third secret of foreign exchange speculation: fast and orderly. There are different * rules for buying and selling of various currencies. Sensitive currencies have a lot of room for profit, but they are also prone to rapid declines, and the weather will change drastically. Therefore, they should be able to buy and sell quickly. It is not easy to stay in danger for a long time. The most obvious currency is the yen. And some non-sensitive currencies, such as the euro, the US dollar, and the Australian dollar, cannot easily exceed the 250-point fluctuation without earth-shattering conditions. If it exceeds, there will be a rebound. Buy an application software at home to draw a picture of the trend, and the buying and selling decisions are clear at a glance.

The fourth secret of foreign exchange speculation: monthly holidays. The so-called period offenders are probably speculators who can take a week off each month and wait for the monthly revelation of the new month. According to the regulations, every new month from Monday to Friday, countries, especially Europe or the United States, will disclose many important macro data and news. As a result, the foreign exchange market must be volatile. It can be said to be a god to small speculators. The enlightenment also. Prior to this, you should never enter the market rashly, otherwise it would be okay to lose your wife.

Five secrets of foreign exchange speculation: stock market linkage. A piece of clothing cannot be worn by two people. The money speculators have in their hands is just that. They thrown into the stock market tray. Naturally, they need to draw funds from the foreign exchange market, and the capital will inevitably fall back. Therefore, we only need to be familiar with the foreign exchange investment tendency of foreign exchange citizens in various countries, and we can make a steady profit.

Sixth secret of foreign exchange speculation: the book-biter wins. The domestic stock market is not as good as the gambling, but the foreign exchange market is well-behaved. Probably because the foreign exchange market is related to the livelihood of a country and the interests of all countries. Therefore, in order to distinguish the situation and grasp the overall situation, the readers must eat more books related to finance, economy, world trade and international relations, and not hesitate to become a bookworm, so that they can ride the battlefield invincibly.

Secrets of foreign exchange speculation seven: Sing my song solo. The purpose of speculating in foreign exchange is for money to gather wealth and earn more. Don’t borrow money to speculate in foreign exchange. Otherwise, you can easily get caught up. Singing my song alone is definitely a loyal precept for small speculators.